"Let the children come to me." ~ Students attending all of our Elementary Catholic Schools in September 2014 will benefit from learning through an inquiry/play-based learning experience all day. Ontario is investing in the education of its youngest students to better prepare them for future success. The Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program will support their social, emotional and cognitive development. This includes improved reading, writing and math skills and a smoother transition to Grade 1. It will help more students achieve success at school and help create a stronger economy for the future. Read More...
Tue., Apr. 15, 2014 11:40 AM
Friendly, engaging and outgoing; Izabella Mijas is the type of student that you can imagine going places in life. And she wants to - literally. Izabella is trilingual. She grew up in a Polish family and speaks English, French and Polish fluently. Her dream is to... Read More...
Mon., Mar. 31, 2014 8:50 AM
Faith In Our Future

We are a Catholic School Board.

Our Mission is to serve our students, working with the home, parish and school community to:

  • Nurture a Christ-Centred environment;
  • Provide student-focused learning opportunities;
  • Support the growth of the whole person.


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