Board Policies

Board Policies

 Table of ContentsEffective Date
 Board Mission/Vision StatementReviewed August 2004
 Administrative Organization 
1.0By Laws of the BoardReviewed October 2011
2.1Conflict of InterestReviewed January 23, 2012
2.2Newly Elected TrusteesReviewed May 2014
2.3Handling of ComplaintsReviewed January 23, 2012
2.4Trustee Expense ReimbursementReviewed March 28, 2011
2.5Student TrusteesReviewed March 25, 2013
2.6Reviewed March 28, 2011
2.7Code of Conduct for TrusteesJune 20, 2011
3A:0Human Resources 
3A:1Co-Operative Communication CommitteeReviewed January 28, 2013
3A:2Salary Recommendations (Non-Union)Reviewed May 28, 2012
3A:3Safe Working Conditions
      Monthly Inspection Report
      Annual Health & Safety Report
Reviewed April 22, 2013
3A:4Deferred Salary Leave PlanReviewed May 28, 2012
3A:5Expression of Sympathy/Get WellReviewed September 27, 2010
3A:8Uncertified InstructorsReviewed May 28, 2012
3A:9Recognition of ServiceReviewed May 28, 2012
3A:10Teacher Performance AppraisalReviewed March 25, 2013

Conditions of Employment for Teachers Transferring from Coterminous District School Boards

Reviewed May 2012
3A:12Teacher, Principal/Vice-Principal Placement Following Leave of Absence, Without payReviewed May 2012
3A:13The Hiring of Teachers, Subject Coordinators, Department Heads, Consultants, and CoordinatorsReviewed February  2008
3A:15Evaluation, Supervision and Staff Development ProgramReviewed February 2005
3A:16Modified WorkReviewed January 2013
3A:17Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
      Procedure Manual
Reviewed August 2004
3A:18HarassmentReviewed February 23, 2015
3A:19Employment/Volunteer Suitability Evaluation PracticesReviewed August 2012
3A:20Assault Against or by a Staff Member; Criminal or Professional Misconduct by a TeacherReviewed August  2004
3A:21Reviewed October 2012
3A:22Accessibility Standards for Customer ServiceReviewed June 2013
3A:23Violence in the WorkplaceReviewed February 23, 2015
3A:24January 24, 2011

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

November 26, 2012

3B:1Guidelines for the Selection of Textbooks and Educational Materials for School Libraries and Classroom ProgramsReviewed March 2012
3B:2Curriculum Review, Development and ImplementationReviewed March 2012
3B:3Release of Student Test/Assessment Data by the BoardReviewed March 2012
3B:5Reviewed June 2013
3B:6Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting of Student AchievementReviewed March 2012
3B:7Co-Operative Education and Experiential LearningReviewed March 2012
3B:8Electronic Social MediaOctober 22, 2012
3C:0Student Registrations 
3C:1English-Language Roman Catholic Board SupporterReviewed August 2012
3C:2Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Admission/EligibilityReviewed August 2012
3C:3Consideration of Non-Catholic Elementary School EnrolmentReviewed August 2012
3C:4School of Attendance for Students
      School of Attendance Form
Reviewed August 2012
3C:5Admission of Foreign Students Without Landed Immigrant Status/Exchange StudentsReviewed February 2013
3C:6Aboriginal Self-IdentificationReviewed August 2014
3D:0Student Services 
3D:1Suspension of Pupils
      Suspension Forms
Reviewed January 2008
3D:2Expulsion of Pupils
      Expulsion Forms
Reviewed January 2008
3D:3Student Accidents

Reviewed January 2012

3D:4Management of Students' Medical Needs in the School
      Administration of Medication Regulations Manual
Reviewed January 2012
3D:5Student PregnancyReviewed January 2012
3D:7Safe SchoolsReviewed October 2012
3D:8Access to School PremisesReviewed January 2012
3D:9Student Dress CodeReviewed February 2012
3D:10Progressive Discipline and Student Conduct
      Code of Conduct Procedures Manual
Reviewed October 2012
3D:11Reviewed January 2012
3D:12Anaphylaxis (Severe Allergic Reaction)
      Anaphylaxis Information Document
Reviewed March 2012
3D:13Sun Safety
      Sun Safety Guidelines
Reviewed March 2012
3D:14Reviewed March 2012
3D:15Video Surveillance SystemsReviewed March 2013
3D:16Pediculosis (Head Lice)
      Appendix A
      Appendix B
      Appendix C
      Appendix D
Reviewed August 2014
3E:0School Related 
3E:1Catholic School Advisory Councils and Catholic Parent Involvement CommitteeReviewed March 2012
     Appendix 2
     Appendix 3
Reviewed May 2013
3E:3Advertising in SchoolsReviewed January 2012
3E:4Educational Field Trips
      Appendix A - Educational Excursion Request Form
      Appendix B - Application to Principal to be a Volunteer Driver
      Appendix C - Permission/Acknowledgement for Educational Excursions and Athletic/ Co-Curricular Participation
Reviewed October 2011
3E:5Reviewed August 2012
3E:6School PhotographsReviewed March 2012
3E:7School Fund RaisingReviewed February 2007
3E:9Smoking on Property under the Board's JurisdictionReviewed January 2012
3E:10Child CareReviewed January 2013
Reviewed March 2013
3E:12School Year/School DayReviewed March 2012
3E:13Reviewed May 2012
3E:14Safe Arrival (Elementary)Reviewed March 2012
3E:15Environmental StewardshipReviewed March 2011
3E:16Partnerships/SponsorshipsReviewed January 2012
3E:18Opening or Closing ExcercisesReviewed January 2012
3E:19School Crisis ResponseReviewed August 2012
3E:20Dealing with Parent-School Conflict Management Policies and ProceduresReviewed January 2012
      Appendix A
Reviewed March 2011
3E:22School Generated Funds
      Appendix A
January 23, 2007

Expense Reimbursement
        Expense Form

Reviewed March 2011
Reviewed August 2013
3E:24AdvertisingReviewed May 2014
3E:25AdvocacyReviewed May 2014
3E:26Pandemic PlanReviewed May 2014
3E:27Media RelationsFebruary, 2010
3E:28Facility PartnershipJune 22, 2010
     Appendix A
September 27, 2011

Changes to Copyright Law

November 27, 2012
3F:1Transportation - Special Education Facilities in Huron and Perth CountiesReviewed August 2012
      Appendix A
Reviewed August 2012
3F:3Transportation of Urban Pupils - ElementaryReviewed September 2010
3F:5Transportation of Secondary StudentsReviewed August 2012
3F:6Request for Transportation to/from an Alternate Residence
      Request for Transportation Form
Reviewed August 2013​​