Multi Year Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Direction

In November, 2009, Bill 177 was passed into law which included an expectation
that each school board develop a Multi-Year Plan.
The primary references to the multi-year plan in Bill 177 are:
     169.1 (1) Every board shall,
          (a) promote student achievement and well-being;
          (b) ensure effective stewardship of the board’s resources
          (c) deliver effective and appropriate education programs to its pupils;
          (d) develop and maintain policies and organizational structures that,
                    (i) promote the goals referred to in clauses (a) to (c), and
                    (ii) encourage pupils to pursue their educational goals;
          (e) monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of policies developed by the
board under clause (d) in achieving the
                board’s goals and the efficiency of the implementation of those policies;
          (f) develop a multi-year plan aimed at achieving the goals referred to in clauses (a) to (c).
In accordance with our commitments to nurturing the faith formation and achievement
of the students entrusted to our care, the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board
hosted a comprehensive review of our strategic directions between January, 2014 and
April, 2014. In prayer and discernment, the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board
welcomed the voice of students, parents, staffs and parish families to inform our collective
goals and earnest desires for new directions.  
The sentiments shared by our community have highlighted that the Huron-Perth Catholic
District School Board is a vibrant, loving and gracious model of Catholic education.  We have
a strong tradition of excellence in teaching and learning.  We are rooted in the holistic
development of all persons and a deep commitment to embrace our covenant with God.  
The voice of our community has established that our schools are sacred learning spaces in
which children and youth build knowledge in an exemplary model of inclusion and dignity.  
Our community has shared a desire to celebrate the initiatives that make a difference in the
lives of school system and turn our attention to initiatives that require a renewed focus and
commitment.  For The Greater Glory of God represents the views that were shared during
our consultations and provides the strategic directions of the Huron-Perth Catholic District
School Board to nurture the development and wellness of our beloved school system.  
For The Greater Glory of God establishes three key strategic directions between 2014-2017:  
  • Catholic Faith
  • Student Achievement and Wellness
  • Shared Leadership
For The Greater Glory of God establishes eight commitments:
  • We proclain the glory of God.
  • We nurture all persons to be leaders of faith and social justice.
  • We honour the covenant between schools, homes and parishes.
  • We have high standards for the achievement of all students.
  • We embrace an inclusive model to support wellness.
  • We lead students with differentiated instruction and assessments.
  • We model that we are a learning organization.
  • We are transparent and align resources to our vision.
The directions and commitments of the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board will continue
to be informed by our vision, mission and core strategies:
Our Vision
Faith and Learning...Celebrating the Journey.
Our Mission
We are a Catholic School Board.  We serve our students, working with the home, parish and
school community to:
  • Nurture a Christ-centred environment;
  • Provide student-focused learning opportunities;
  • Support the growth of the whole person.
Our Core Strategies
Growth of the Whole Person
We are committed to embracing our covenant with God, the holistic development
of all persons and excellence in student achievement.
Service Excellence
We are committed to excellence in operational services and the accountable stewardship
of resources to support the success of students.
 The strategic directions and commitments within For The Greater Glory of God will be
supplemented on an annual basis with the specific initiatives of our system and pertinent
metrics for implementation.  Our new directions will be communicated throughout our school
district and parish communities to highlight the dedicated focus we have placed on faith
formation, achievement and shared leadership.   We will begin to implement our new directions
by sharing the goals and commitments of For The Greater Glory of God with all staff members
during the Professional Development Day on September 26, 2014.  
We pray that God will bless us with peace and grace as we support the faith formation,
achievement and wellness of all persons in the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board.
God Bless,  
Vince MacDonald
Director of Education

Download Strategic Directions - 2014-2017​​​