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Board Policies

​​Board Mission/Vision Statement​​

1:0   Administrative Organization​ ​​

​1:0 By-Laws of the Board​

2:0   Trustees​​ ​

​2:1 Conflict of Interest​​​
​2:2 ​Newly Elected Trustees
​2:3 Handling of Complaints​
​2:4 ​Trustee Expense Reimbursement​​​
​2:5 Student Trustees
​2:6 Development and Review of Board Policies​
​2:7 Code of Conduct for Trustees​

​​Election of Catholic School Board Trustees

​3A   Human Resources​ ​​

​3A:1 Cooperative Communications Committee
​3A:2 Salary Recommendations (Non-Union)
​3A:3 ​Safe Working Conditions​​​​
​3A:4 ​Deferred Salary Leave Plan​
​3A:5 ​Expression of Sympathy/Get Well
​3A:8 Uncertified Instructors
​3A:9 ​Recognition of Service
​3A:10 Teacher Performance Appraisal
​3A:11 Conditions of Employment for Teachers Transferring from Coterminous District School Boards
​3A:12 Teacher, Principal/Vice-Principal Placement Following Leave of Absence, Without Pay
​3A:13 ​​The Hiring of Teachers, Department Heads, Consultants, and Coordinators
​3A:15 Evaluation, Supervision and Staff Development Program
​3A:16 ​Modified Work
​3A:17 ​Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
​3A:18 Harassment
​3A:19 Employment/Volunteer Suitability Evaluation Practices
​3A:20 Assault Against or by a Staff Member; Criminal or Professional Misconduct by a Teacher​
​3A:21 ​Equity and Inclusive Education
3A:22​ Accessibility Standards for Customer Service
​3A:23 Violence in the Workplace
​3A:24 Catholic Leadership, Succession Planning, and Talent Development​​
​3A:25 ​Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

​​3B   Curriculum/Program​​ ​

​3B:1 Guidelines for the Selection of Textbooks and Educational Materials for School Libraries and Classroom Programs​
​3B:2 Curriculum Review, Development and Implementation
​3B:3 Release of Student Test/Assessment Data by the Board​​
​​3B:5 Information and Communications Technology
​3B:6 ​​Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting of Student Achievement​
​3B:7 Co-operative Education and Experiential Learning
​3B:8 ​Electronic Social Media​

​3C   Student Registrations​ ​

English-Language Roman Catholic Board Supporter
​3C:2 ​Kindergarten Program ​Admission/Eligibility
​3C:3 Admissions to Elementary Catholic Schools - Inter-Faith Registrations
​3C:4 ​School of Attendance for Students​​
​3C:5 Admission of International Students Without Permanent Resident Status/Exchange Students
​3C:6 First Nations/Métis/Inuit Self-Identification​
3D   Student Services
​3D:1 Suspension of Students and Suspension Leading to Expulsion of Students
​3D:3 Student Accidents​
3D:4Students With A Prevalent Medical Condition
​3D:5 Student Pregnancy​​
​3D:7 ​Safe Schools​
​3D:8 Access to School Premises​
​3D:9 Student Dress Code​​​​
​3D:10 Progressive Discipline and Student Conduct​​
​3D:11 Children in Need of Protection​

​3D:13 Sun Safety​

​3D:14 ​School Nutrition
​3D:15 Video Surveillance Systems​​
​3D:16 Pediculosis (Head Lice)​
​3D:17 Concussion Management​​
​​3E   Student Related​ ​
3E:1 ​Catholic School Advisory Councils and Catholic Parent Involvement Committee​​​
​3E:2 Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines​​
​3E:3 Advertising in Schools​
​3E:4 Educational Field Trips​
​3E:5 School Volunteers​
3E:6 School Photographs​
​3E:7 ​​School Fund-Raising​
​3E:9 ​Smoking and Vaping on Property Under the Board's Jurisdiction
​3E:10 Childcare​​
​3E:11 ​Emergency and Lockdown Procedures​​
​3E:12 School Year/School Day​
​3E:13 ​Authorization for Use of School Facilities​​​
​3E:14 Safe Arrival (Elementary)​
​3E:15 Environmental Stewardship
​3E:16 ​Partnerships/Sponsorships​
​3E:18 Opening or Closing Exercises
​3E:19 Catholic School Crisis Response/Suicide Response Protocol​
​3E:20 Dealing with a Parent-School Conflict Management Policies and Procedures​​
​3E:21 Purchasing​
​​3E:22 ​School Generated Funds​
Expense Reimbursement
​3E:24 ​Advertising​
​3E:25 ​Advocacy​
​3E:26 Pandemic Plan​
​3E:27 Media Relations​
​3E:28 Facility Partnership​
​​3E:29 Fees for Learning Materials and Activities​
​3E:30 ​​Copyright
​​​3E:31     Investment of Board Funds​

3F   Transportation
​3F:1 ​Transportation - Special Education Facilities in Huron and Perth Counties​
​3F:2 School Bus - Student Responsibility​
​3F:3 ​Transportation of Urban Pupils - Elementary​
​3F:5 Transportation of Secondary Students​
​3F:6 ​​Request for Transportation to/from an Alternate Residence​