​Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis

ABA is a field of study that examines the relationship between the environment and behaviour. It is a scientific, data-driven approach and the only treatment methodology that has been empirically verified as effective for helping those diagnosed with ASD1 ABA is widely recognized as an effective method for addressing target behaviours and teaching new skills for individuals of all ages and abilities.

The Huron-Perth ABA Team

In response to Policy/Program Memoranda 140 (PPM140), and in collaboration with TVCC School Support Program, Huron-Perth used a "train the trainer" model to build system capacity in the area of Applied Behaviour Analysis. With representatives in each school, the ABA team has attended multiple training days in order to provide positive behaviour supports based on ABA principles throughout the board. 

HPCDSB has received additional Ministry funding (grant) to provide training and coordination at the school and board level in the area Applied Behaviour Analysis. This non-teaching position will work to further build capacity in the system and enhance collaborative cooperation between ASD service providers and schools.

Highlights of PPM140

School boards must offer students with ASD special education programs and services, including, where appropriate, special education programs using ABA methods. This responsibility lies with the principals, to ensure that, where appropriate, ABA methods are incorporated into the IEP of students with ASD.

Principles of ABA Programming

  • The program must be individualized
  • Positive reinforcement must be utilized
  • Data must be collected and analyzed
  • Transfer, or generalization, of skills should be emphasized

School board staff must plan for the transition between various activities and settings involving students with ASD. This is also the responsibility of the principal, to ensure that plans are in place for all transitions for students with ASD.

Transitions include:

  • Entry to school
  • Between activities and settings or classrooms
  • Between grades
  • From school to school
  • From an outside agency to a school
  • From elementary to secondary school
  • From secondary school to postsecondary destinations and/or the workplace

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