Canadian & World Studies / Social Science at St. Michael

Mr. J. Corsaut - Department Head, geography
Mrs. M. Braca - geography
Mr. T. Devereaux - history
Mrs. S. Dunn Van Bakel - social science
Mr. S. Goforth - civics, social science
Mr. J. Kiffman - history and geography
Ms. J. Laurin - history

​Welcome to the CWS / SS department...

Welcome to the Canadian & World Studies / Social Sciences department at St. Michael C.S.S.   The department offers a variety of courses in geography, history, and humanities.   Our faculty includes at least one full time teacher in each discipline with an honours degree and senior qualifications in their subject.  These teachers have also acquired their subject specialist qualifications from the Ontario College of Teachers.  Other faculty within the department teach the subjects on a part time basis with most having a minor in the subject they are teaching.


The department also promotes the Environmental High Skills Major and History Advanced Placement programs at St. Michael.


Students within the Environmental HSM are given a variety of experiences that develop the essential skills needed for the workplace or postsecondary study.   Seven sector-recognized certifications or training programs are offered, as well as experiential learning and career exploration activities.


The History Advanced Placement courses provide students with exceptional preparation for university level study while still in high school and in many cases, increases the likelihood of university acceptance.  Students who choose to write the grade 12 AP exam and score high enough will be granted a certificate by the College Board which many universities will recognize as the equivalent of either ½ or 1 full university credit. 


If you have any questions about the Canadian & World Studies / Social Sciences department or course offerings at St. Michael please email jcorsaut@hpcdsb.ca.


​​News Flash!

Students from Mr. Corsaut’s grade 12 environmental geography class participated in a Avon River watershed report card program on May 24th.  Students completed field studies, invertebrate counts, and water quality analysis. 


Courses in Canadian & World Studies and Social Science​​

The Canadian & World Studies department offers courses in civics, history, geography, law, and economics.  The social science department offers courses in foods, parenting, living spaces, and fashion.  To learn more about the courses offered, check out our course calendar​.

Canadian & World Studies Curriculum​​

The social studies, history, geography, and Canadian and world studies programs will enable students to become responsible, active citizens within the diverse communities to which they belong. 

As well as becoming critically thoughtful and informed citizens who value an inclusive society, students will have the skills they need to solve problems and communicate ideas and decisions about significant developments, events, and issues.
Gra​de 9 & 10
Grade 11 & 12

Social Science Curriculum​​

The discipline of social sciences and humanities in the Ontario secondary school curriculum encompasses five subject area​s: equity studies, family studies, general social sciences, philosophy, and world religions. Although these subject areas are very different from one another, they all systematically explore the ways in which individuals influence and are influenced by families, communities, cultures, institutions, and societies, and by ideas, norms, and values. 

The social sciences – represented in this curriculum by courses in equity studies, family studies, and general social sciences – explore individual and collective human behaviour and needs as well as patterns and trends in society. Courses in this area shed light on a variety of social structures, institutions, relationships, and power dynamics.

The humanities – represented in the curriculum by courses in philosophy and world religions – explore fundamental questions and ideas about human nature and the human condition. In all five subject areas encompassed by the secondary program in social sciences and humanities, students are exposed to social theories, specialized concepts, and research findings, as well as a range of tools related to investigation and analysis, to help them understand themselves, their families, their communities, and society as they strive to find meaning in the world around them.