Academic Departments

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​​​Department Head​Department Members

The Arts

Ms. T. Robinson​​
​Mr. J. Esposito
Mrs. M. Kew
Mr. J. McIntyre

​Business Studies & Co-operative Education

Mrs. B. Gregory
Mr. S. Eliasziw
Mr. M. Flanagan
Mrs. N. Tinits
Mrs. L. Yundt

Canadian & World Studies / Social Science

​Mrs. M. Braca - acting department head
Mr. J. Corsaut - on secondment
​Mr. C. Campbell
Mr. T. Devereaux
Mrs. S. Dunn Van Bakel
Mr. S. Goforth
Mr. J. Kiffman
Ms. J. Laurin
Mrs. L. Yundt


​Mr. J. Selbie
Mr. M. Boersen
Mr. G. Christie
Mrs. L. Claro
Mr. T. Devereaux
Mrs. J. Drennan
Ms. S. Enright
Mr. J. Esposito
Ms. J. Laurin
Ms. T. Robinson
French & French Immersion​Mr. M. Buckley
​Mr. K. Hall
Ms. L. Parks

Mathematics & Computer Science

Mr. R. Stehlik
​Mr. K Denstedt
Mr. T. Devereaux
Mr. S. Eliasziw
Mr. T. Hopkinson
Mr. B. Kocher
Mr. M. Ort
Mr. M. Schefter
Mrs. M. Tuer

Physical & Health Education
​Ms. T. Redman - department head

Mr. M. Dewan - athletic director
​Mr. C. Campbell
Mrs. S. Dunn Van Bakel
Mr. T. Hopkinson​

Religious Education

Mrs. T. Warren Vrbanac
Mr. M. Boersen
​Mr. A. Damen
Ms. S. Enright
Mrs. M. Kew
Mr. N. Mateus-Ruiz
Mr. T. O'Connor


Mr. S. DeLuca
Mrs. E. Bancroft
​Mr. M. Basso
Mrs. M. Braca
Mr. D. Smith
Ms. K. Tomljenovic
Mr. D. VanderHyden

​Special Education

Mrs. D. McCarroll
​Ms. H. Clark
​Mrs. K. Schefter

Technological Education

Mr. M. Flanagan
Mr. K. Barlow
​Mr. B. Drennan
Mr. C. Mitchell
Mr. C. Shurgold
Mrs. K. von Euw

Non-subject based Departments

​​Department​Department Members
​​Student Success
​Mr. C. Reilly
Mr. S. Goforth
​Choices​Ms. T. Mahood

Student Services​​
Mrs. C. Bell
Mr. R. Di Diomete
​Ms. A. Leroux
Mr. J. Selbie
​Special High Skills Major​Mrs. H. Thomson
Literacy Coach​​Mr. S. Goforth

Student Success

​At each school, a dedicated team of a principal, student success teacher, a guidance counsellor and a special education teacher provides extra attention and support for individual students who need it.

The student success teams are for students who are struggling, who need extra attention to help them graduate, or who are looking for new challenges in high school.

​With a student success team, students have the opportunity to:

  • benefit from individualized attention and support;
  • choose from more options for learning, such as expanded co-operative education, Specialist High Skills Majors, dual credits, and e-learning;
  • seek help in solving problems they previously may have faced alone.​


Our school operates an alternative education setting called Choices.  This alternative classroom provides students with a different learning environment when a traditional classroom is not resulting in success.  Ms. T. Mahood is the teacher of courses in Choices and placement in this program is through consultation with the Student Success Team.