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Our job, as a student services team, is to help each student navigate her/his time in high school and plan for an initial post-secondary destination once s/he leaves us.  This includes academic, post-secondary​, and personal counselling, as well as linking students and families to outside supports available in our community when helpful. We adopt a team centered approach that is rooted in the partnership between home, school, church, and the community. Our work is centered around a holistic view of each student being created in the image of God. 

Members of our team work with students individually, in small groups, in a class room setting and in large group settings.  

Upon entering our student services area, you are most likely to encounter Mrs. Connolly or Mrs. Patterson. They both have a wealth of knowledge, help to keep our office running as smoothly as possible, and always have a kind and warm smile to greet you. 

We have four guidance counsellors in our department.  

Mr. Di Diomete see students with last names A - G in period 2.  Mr. Selbie sees students with last names A - G at other times in the day.

Ms. Leroux see students with last names H - M.

Mr. Di Diomete see students with last names N - Z in period 1.​  Ms. Bell see students with last names N - Z at other times in the day.  


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Mrs. ConnollyMr. Di DiometeMs. LeouxMrs. PattersonMr. Selbie

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Mrs. Connolly



​Mr. Di Diomete



​Ms. Leroux



​Mrs. Patterson



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Our team works with classroom teachers, educational assistants, the administrative team, the student success team, the special education resource team, and outside partners in order to serve students in the best way we can.  Please contact us at any time.


​​Stay in Touch


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You can reach us at 519-271-0890.  Our extensions are listed above.
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Text @smguidance as the subject to 226-271-1124 to automatically be added to our text message updates.  This number does not receive or respond to messages.
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Go "old school" and pop in and speak with us face-to-face.  We'd love to see you.


Children's Mental Health Week:  May 1 - 5, 2017

We have many different activities planned in the school for Children's Mental Health Week.  One of those activities is an "Ask and We Will Answer" session with two mental health professionals from a local family health team.  Questions may vary from ones related to the profession, to issues facing young people, to whatever you'd like to know.

You can access the survey to submit questions you would like answered here.  The questions you submit are not connected to your email address.  If you are struggling or need some assistance, please stop by student services and speak with a caring adult in our office.

You can sign up to attend the answer session at the end of the survey.  If you prefer, you can sign up for the answer session on a list in student services.  


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