Special Education at St. Michael

​​Special Education

​​Mrs. P. Robson - Department Head - students with last names McK - Z
Ms. H. Clark - students with last names E - Gi
​Ms. K. Schefter - students with last names Gr - McI
Mrs. D. McCarroll - students with last names A - D

​​Welcome to the Special Education department...

​​​St. Michael Catholic Secondary School is a fully inclusive school where every student has the opportunity to receive a caring, effective and inclusive education. It is our belief that student needs can best be met within the context of the regular classroom. Individual programming is developed to address each student’s individual learning needs as identified through the Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC), or as documented in the goals of their IEP. The objective of the Special Education Resource Department is to assist teachers in the regular classroom setting through strategic planning to support the needs of diverse student learners.

For some students, this involves training in the use of technology to assist in accessing the curriculum and to help students demonstrate their learning. Other students, whose needs differ from those covered in the regular secondary curriculum, may require the provision of alternative learning activities within the context of the classroom program. All students, regardless of intellectual and/or physical ability, are enrolled in regular secondary courses and participate in school community activities such as assemblies, announcements, clubs, teams and excursions to the degree of independence possible. It is incumbent on teachers, administrative staff, support personnel, parents and students to facilitate, support, and enhance the participation of all students, in all aspects of the school community.

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Special Education Resource Teachers act as case managers for student IEPs and coordinate student accommodations for implementation with classroom teachers. Classroom teachers are sometimes assisted by Educational Assistants. In accordance with Ministry of Education regulations, updated student IEPs are sent home within 30 school days of the first school day of each semester. Parents are invited to discuss student IEPs at parent/teacher conferences or contact the school to make alternative arrangements if necessary. Parent input and comments are documented in the Parent/Student Consultation section of the IEP which is returned to the school. Graduating students are reminded to keep a copy of their IEP for post-secondary purposes.

Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC)

Identification, Placement and Review Committee meetings (IPRCs) are offered once a year in accordance with Ministry of Education regulations. Students may be identified with an intellectual exceptionality (including gifted), a learning disability, physical disability, a behavior exceptionality, or multiple exceptionalities. The decision of the IPRC members is based on the provision of professional documentation from a doctor, psychologist, or other professional service provider. All students who have been identified as an exceptional student by means of an IPRC meeting must be provided with an opportunity to review the IPRC decision annually. Parents have the option of waiving the annual IPRC meeting for their child if they are happy with their child’s placement in the regular school program and they do not have any new assessment documentation to suggest that a change in identification should be considered.